Heemstede Castle Ruins

Heemstede, Netherlands

Heemstede castle was first built in 1280 by Dirk van Hoylede from the region of Vlaardingen. Built, burned and rebuilt over the centuries, it was last torn down in 1810, after years of neglect. The monumental gatekeeper's house 'Nederhuys', built in 1630 remains intact as well as the foundations from the Middle Ages. The most famous owner of the castle was Adriaan Pauw, who bought it in 1620. He played a role in the Treaty of Munster, and built the bridge Pons Pacis to commemorate the peace treaty.



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Founded: 1280
Category: Ruins in Netherlands

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sophie aarts (20 months ago)
Een hele mooie trouw locatie kan niets anderst zeggen
St.wietpiet Iscool (2 years ago)
Val (2 years ago)
Lovely venue for a wedding
Zion Puch (3 years ago)
Good food , good party location
Daan van de Vrande (3 years ago)
Its a beatiful spot
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