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Děvín Castle Ruins

The Royal castle of Děvín was obviously founded at the locality of a previous fortress in the middle of the 13th century. King Wenceslas II gave it to Jan of Michalovice in 1283.   During the 1359 - 1516 period it was (with several breaks) in the possession of the noble family from nearby Stráž (Vartemberk). Then it was purchased by the Biberštejn family who had it renovated. In 1645 it was damaged and burnt by Sw ...
Founded: 13th century | Location: Hamr na Jezeře, Czech Republic

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Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls

The Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls was part of the federal sanctuary of the three Gauls dedicated to the cult of Rome and Augustus celebrated by the 60 Gallic tribes when they gathered at Lugdunum (Lyon). The amphitheatre was built at the foot of the La Croix-Rousse hill at what was then the confluence of the Rhône and Saône.

Excavations have revealed a basement of three elliptical walls linked by cross-walls and a channel surrounding the oval central arena. The arena was slightly sloped, with the building"s south part supported by a now-vanished vault. The arena"s dimensions are 67,6m by 42m. This phase of the amphitheatre housed games which accompanied the imperial cult, with its low capacity (1,800 seats) being enough for delegations from the 60 Gallic tribes.

The amphitheatre was expanded at the start of the 2nd century. Two galleries were added around the old amphitheatre, raising its width from 25 metres to 105 metres and its capacity to about 20,000 seats. In so doing it made it a building open to the whole population of Lugdunum and its environs.