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Monte Siseri Necropolis

Monte Siseri Necropolis consists of four domus de janas (type of pre-Nuragic chamber tombs found in Sardinia). It contains one of most impressive neolithic age rock drawings in Sardinia. The necropolis is dated to 3200-2600 BCE.
Founded: 3200-2600 BCE | Location: Putifigari, Italy

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Caerleon Roman Amphitheatre

Built around AD 90 to entertain the legionaries stationed at the fort of Caerleon (Isca), the impressive amphitheatre was the Roman equivalent of today’s multiplex cinema. Wooden benches provided seating for up to 6,000 spectators, who would gather to watch bloodthirsty displays featuring gladiatorial combat and exotic wild animals.

Long after the Romans left, the amphitheatre took on a new life in Arthurian legend. Geoffrey of Monmouth, the somewhat imaginative 12th-century scholar, wrote in his History of the Kings of Britain that Arthur was crowned in Caerleon and that the ruined amphitheatre was actually the remains of King Arthur’s Round Table.

Today it is the most complete Roman amphitheatre in Britain.