Timeless Treasures of Wales

Discover the rich history of Wales through its remarkable historic sites. This curated list takes you on a journey through time, showcasing the country's most captivating landmarks and archaeological wonders. From ancient castles and fortresses to medieval abbeys and prehistoric monuments, Wales offers a wealth of cultural heritage to explore. Immerse yourself in the stories of kings, knights, and ancient civilizations as you delve into the top historic sites that have shaped the country's fascinating past. Uncover the secrets of Wales's diverse heritage and experience the magic of its timeless treasures.

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Broch of Gurness

The Broch of Gurness is an Iron Age broch village. Settlement here began sometime between 500 and 200 BC. At the centre of the settlement is a stone tower or broch, which once probably reached a height of around 10 metres. Its interior is divided into sections by upright slabs. The tower features two skins of drystone walls, with stone-floored galleries in between. These are accessed by steps. Stone ledges suggest that there was once an upper storey with a timber floor. The roof would have been thatched, surrounded by a wall walk linked by stairs to the ground floor. The broch features two hearths and a subterranean stone cistern with steps leading down into it. It is thought to have some religious significance, relating to an Iron Age cult of the underground.

The remains of the central tower are up to 3.6 metres high, and the stone walls are up to 4.1 metres thick.