Kasos, Greece

The cave of Ellinokamara οn the Island of Kasos has been νisited in the course of time by travellers and archaeologists who have provided us with detailed descriptions and sketches both of the interior and of the exterior of the cave. The first sketch we have was made by L. Ross in 1843 while passing through Kasos during his travels in the Aegean archipelago. The entrance wall has been dated to the second half of the 5th century BC, regardless of the marks made by masons that he had recorded. Although we recognize the difficulty in dating the construction we cannot, of course, base ουr assumptions solely οn the manner the wall was built, since similar constructions existed during the Minoan l Mycenaean period and even later.



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Kasos, Greece
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Founded: 5th century BCE
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Greece


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User Reviews

Nico B. (14 months ago)
Very eerie and interesting place. Beautiful views. It’s a bit of a climb, but it has an unfinished path that helps a bit. Free to enter and not maintained in any way. To get here, take the bus (which is free) and get off at Agia Marina, then follow the signs.
Sazid Khan (2 years ago)
Beautiful adventure image
Nikos Sigalas (4 years ago)
In less than an hour you arrive from Fry to Ellinokamara. Great place with great views. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes ancient caverns. and it was a place of worship.
Thanasis Avdimiotis (5 years ago)
Would be better if it was open and have a few signs inside indicating what is what..
Peter Frangoulis (5 years ago)
Needs to be upgraded on the outside. Otherwise a great place to visit.
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