Monteagudo Castle

Murcia, Spain

Monteagudo Castle sits on top of a hill and is in excellent condition. The archaeological remains that have been found date from the Moorish period. After the city of Murcia was founded in 825, the castle was used as a fortification and probably also a prison. Farmers stored grain there and it had large wells for the garrison. The walls are made of solid rammed earth and mortar, and the floor adapts to the terrain and is divided into two terraces at different heights. On the southern flank we can see several wells, granaries and other rooms.

When the castle was taken over by the Christians, it kept its strategic nature and was included as part of the Crown of Castile. After the Kingdom of Murcia was established, it became a border castle between the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile, until the 15th century.

The castle is crowned by the the Christ of Monteagudo sculpture which is 14 meters high. It was originally founded in 1926. After its demolition during the Spanish Civil War, it was rebuilt in 1951 and is the one we can see today.



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Calle Paz 1, Murcia, Spain
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Founded: 11th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain


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User Reviews

Bobby Jack (2 years ago)
It's an impressive monument visible from miles away. Unfortunately it's closed at the moment but you can get fairly close by going round into the village next to it. There is a dirt track that works it's way up towards the castle but be careful as the ground is uneven and steep.
Lavodell Again (2 years ago)
Very beautiful but you can't go up the mountain
Donny Ho (2 years ago)
Had to climb to get to the top, the place is run down. If you are not agile don't go to the top you won't make it down. Also you can't see the statue from the front when you are at the top
Marlon Ermitano (3 years ago)
Google maps was my only source of information that peaked my interest in visiting this landmark. I was not disappointed. The views are great and the opportunity to take pictures are wonderful. The site is not well developed for tourism, but do not be discouraged to visit. You may also hike up the step to the top which we did not do as we were not prepared for hiking up a steep hill. This site is a diamond in the rough.
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