Brusa Bezistan with its 6 roof domes it is one of the historic buildings in Sarajevo's Baščaršija from the time of the Ottoman period in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has a rectangular base and has four entrances on all four sides, and connects the craft streets KundurdžilukVeliki and Mali Čurčiluk with Abadžiluk and the Baščaršija. It was built by order of the Grand Vizier Rustem-pasha Opuković in 1551.

Bezistan was named after the Turkish city of Bursa, from which silk was brought to Bezistan and sold. Unlike Gazi Husrev-beg's bezistan, where groceries were originally sold, Brusa bezistan sold household items and small furniture in addition to silk. Today it is one of the museums in the city, designated as the National monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Commission to preserve national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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oneglobe craig (31 days ago)
Definitely worth a visit, organized by eras - prehistoric, medieval, Ottoman to AustroHungarian thus a good understanding of Sarajevo’s evolution. I was particularly impressed by the beautiful fabrics and lush embroidery. Entry fee only 5km.
Can S. Arat (39 days ago)
One of the best museums you can see in town. It's an historical building made by ottomans converted into museum of Sarajevo in which you can find beautiful huge models of the cities and important buildings, ethnographic exhibitions and many others.
Aleksandar Radulovic (2 years ago)
Historical museum in heart of Sarajevo. From prehistorical till Austro Hungarian empire. Buy group ticket for Despica house, Historical museum, Jewish house and Svrzica house.
Andrey Arnautovich (2 years ago)
This is one the finest museums in Sarajevo (the collections are very good) with very friendly staff who (free of charge!) gave me a 20-minutes excursion in English and answered my questions. I was quite pleased and enjoyed being so welcomed. Definitely worth visiting.
Selma Skopljakovic (2 years ago)
In the heart of Baščaršija, you will find a construction with 6 cupolas. It is not obvious, but that's a Museum of Sarajevo. Kind guides will show you the history of Sarajevo and the region. You will get out rich with knowledge and very interesting stories and historical facts about Sarajevo and the Bosnian people. There are a lot of interesting and very old exhibits that witness the oldest periods of civilization in this area. You will be able to ask questions about each historical period and get all answers. I recommend you to visit this museum and enjoy it. Cheers!
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