Susa Cathedral

Susa, Italy

Susa Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Susa and is dedicated to Saint Justus of Novalesa. In origin it was the church of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Justus, established in 1029 by Marchese Olderico Manfredi to house the newly discovered relics of Saint Justus. The church was built around 1100 and has since been refurbished and restored several times. It was not until 1772 that the bishopric of Susa was created from the territory of the abbey, previously a territorial abbacy, and at that point the abbey church was made the cathedral of the new diocese.

The cathedral is a Romanesque style building. The façade has terracotta decorations and is joined to a Roman gate of the 4th century, the Porta Savoia, to the south. Halfway along the south side stands the campanile, with six levels of mullioned windows.

The interior is on the Latin Cross plan, with three aisles. It contains a baptistry which is earlier than the present church, and a statue supposedly of Adelaide, Marchioness of Turin, daughter and heiress of Olderico Manfredi and wife of Otto, Count of Savoy, ancestress of the Royal House of Savoy.



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Piazza San Giusto 12, Susa, Italy
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Founded: c. 1100
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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User Reviews

paolo saltamonti (2 years ago)
The cathedral is probably beautiful but it is so dark that practically nothing can be seen, at the end of the mass the lights go out as in any theater, but during the mass they spoil the outside with the medsa piped for hundreds of meters ...
Daniel Azzarelli (2 years ago)
A beautiful cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of the city. Recently restored, it offers all its ancient beauty.
Laura Fiandrotti (2 years ago)
The Cathedral dedicated to San Giusto, patron saint of the city, built from the 11th century in Romanesque-Gothic style, is located near the Porta Savoia and incorporates part of the walls. Internally it has three naves, externally it has a simple gabled façade and a high and massive bell tower rises at the rear. In the spring of 2022, during consolidation works, finds from an older period come to light
Stefania Massa (4 years ago)
Very impressive .... too bad that when I visited it was totally shrouded in darkness, and I could not appreciate the murals I had heard of. Its immensity shrouded in darkness, in absolute silence, brings to mind movie scenes .. A visit is recommended. Outside, a majestic stone bell tower stands out over the roofs of all Susa.
Dragan Lazic (5 years ago)
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