Khanenko Museum

Kyiv, Ukraine

The Khanenko Museum is an art museum located in Kyiv, in Ukraine, which holds the biggest and most valuable collections of European, Asian and Ancient art in the country.

The museum was established in 1919 according to the will of art collector Bohdan Khanenko (1917) and the deed of gift to the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences signed by his wife Varvara in 1918.

The art collection of Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko, distinguished Ukrainian collectors and philanthropists of the late 19th and the early 20th century, is the core of the museum's holdings.

The museum comprises two late 19th-century buildings of great historical and artistic value located on Tereshchenkivska Street. The Khanenkos’ mansion houses the permanent exhibition of European fine and decorative arts from the 14th through the 18th century. A group of unique early Byzantine “Sinai” icons created in the 6th and the 7th century has been on display in a separate room of the building since 2004. On the first floor of the mansion is the permanent exhibition of Ancient art.

The other museum building located nearby was the property of the Sakhnovskys, the Khanenkos’ close relatives, until 1919. Since 2006, it has housed the permanent exhibition of Asian art. The four rooms are dedicated to the art of Buddhism and Islam as well as that of China and Japan.

The Khanenko Museum’s collection includes original artworks by outstanding European masters, such as Pieter Paul Rubens, Gentile Bellini, Juan de Zurbarán, Jacques-Louis David, François Boucher.

The museum holds highly valuable collections of European sculpture and decorative art, beautiful and rare pieces of Iranian, Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese fine and decorative art, as well as small but worthwhile collections of Ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian art.

In total, the Khanenko Museum’s holdings comprise more than 25 000 items. Almost 1000 selected artworks are displayed permanently.



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Founded: 1919
Category: Museums in Ukraine

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User Reviews

ArtWay Music (3 years ago)
The best art museum in Kyiv, honestly! Everything is so unique... You can see the masterpieces, the age of which starts in the 1st BC! So many statues, pictures, pictorial arts and other kinds of arts! Near the masterpieces you can find the QR codes and read the stories about them and their artists. Also you can listen some information pressing the button and even play the quests. Staff is very kind and professional. Thank you!
Jamie Carr (3 years ago)
Impressive museum! Great collection of European and Asian work. Make sure to catch the Byzantine icons on the top floor of the European side
Tatiana Młynarska (3 years ago)
Very beautiful and interesting museum! This place holds the biggest and most valuable collections of European, Asian and Ancient art in the country. There are 2 buildings, in each there are 2 floors of art expositions. The price for ticket is high (as for local people, European prices), but worth coming. Amazing rooms full of wonderful artworks and monuments. The descriptions are also in English language, so you can understand who created the art pieces. A lot of vases, big old plates, paintings, monuments of Greek gods, and the unique masterpiece – walls and ceilings! Dreamy! ✨
Дмитрий «Shadow» (3 years ago)
We visited this museum at June 2021. Take tour at two places: Western European and Asian. The exhibition as not big as I think, but very different and this very good.Very exited about Asia part, but both are good.
Olga Kovalenko (5 years ago)
Free entrance for students and pupils on Sundays. On weekends, tours in the western art part at 12:00 and for eastern art at 15:00. Nicely renovated and kept. They have great programs for early birds, parents with kids under 3 and so in.
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