Trujillo Alcazaba

Trujillo, Spain

Trujillo Alcazaba was built originally the 12th century. The city changed hands several times between Christians and Arabs in the 12th century and was finally conquered by Fernando III in 1233. The castle was reformed after Reconquista and again in the 15th century. 

Surviving years of abandonment, the French invasion, the Carlist War, the Republic and the Civil War, the Castle is the center of Trujillo’s life. It was declared a historical-artistic monument in 1925 and acquired by the city council in 1929. The last reforms that were made were the construction of a first chapel to house the stone image of the city’s patroness saint in 1546, and later, in 1951, the demolition of such chapel to build a larger one inside between the two main towers (albarran towers), from where the image of the Virgin remains today looking towards her town.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain

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Wagner Alegretti (9 months ago)
Interesting and well preserved place. Go to the top of the walls for a good view of the surrounding country area.
mark williams (2 years ago)
You can walk the ramparts and admire the views. The water storage area can be examined. There is very little information as to how the castle was operated. It’s a large place. 2€ per person or buy the bulk ticket for 5 places for 5.5€
Richard Buck (3 years ago)
Well worth the visit. Best to walk up to it from the Plaza Major in the early morning to arrive for its opening. the views are spectacular as is the place itself. The 'old town' of Trujillo, its walls and old streets takes your mind back to the time it was built and you are in awe.
darius savolskis (3 years ago)
A must in Trujillo. Impressive medieval castle with detached defensive towers (not seen everywhere). Stunning views from the towers. The gates of the castle houses a known statue of the Virgin Mary.
Tatiana Indge (7 years ago)
Upon our visit the place was closed for rehearsal for the concert happening that evening. Worth visiting if you are in the area. This castle is also famous now, because Game of Thrones was shot there. Friendly advice use sun protection, there is nowhere to hide from the sun.
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