Arroyo de la Luz Necropolis

Arroyo de la Luz, Spain

The Visigothic necropolis of Arroyo de la Luz is an archaeological site located in the Spanish municipality of Arroyo de la Luz, in the province of Cáceres. It is a complex of anthropomorphic tombs from the Late Roman to Medieval period, built in an area of granite in the dehesa (pasture) of La Luz, to the north of the town.

The necropolis is situated about 500 meters from the hermitage of the Virgin of La Luz. According to research on the graves, as well as the discoveries of ceramics and coins, the necropolis has been dated to between the 4th and 7th centuries. It is mainly from the Visigothic era but with a preceding Late Roman origin. The tombs, carved into the rock, consist of two main groups, the first of which comprises eight anthropomorphic tombs oriented east-west.

A bit further to the south is a group of four anthropomorphic tombs. While two follow the usual east-west orientation, the others are oriented south-north. One is close to a pond. In the west, there is a tomb with a normal alignment next to the square base of an oil press.

All the tombs located close to the ground on a granite outcrop belong to adults. Since no shape has been excavated around them for elevation, rainwater can fill them. There are no traces of the covers that once protected them. The foundations of the oil or grape presses can be seen on the granite rocks surrounding the tombs.



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Founded: 4th century AD
Category: Cemeteries, mausoleums and burial places in Spain


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User Reviews

Miguel Ángel “Miguelito” Rivas (9 months ago)
Recommended place to visit with several routes in the Extremadura pasture
Sule Salado (9 months ago)
A part of the history of our towns, a shame that it is so neglected.
Andrés Salas Rodríguez (11 months ago)
A good place to observe life in the past as well as a very beautiful place in the middle of the pasture.
Sergio Gómez (3 years ago)
Impressive Necropolis, very well preserved and easy access next to the Nuestra Señora de la Luz Sanctuary in Arroyo de la Luz (Cáceres).
Honorio NAVARRO GRANDE (3 years ago)
It's good but the signage is very scarce and old. I had a hard time finding it.
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