Roman Odeon

Patras, Greece

The Roman Odeon, the most significant ancient monument in Patras, is in the upper town and was built around 160 AD, in the reign of either Antoninus Pius or Marcus Aurelius. It was severely destroyed by successive invasions, wars, and earthquakes. It was almost buried under the remains of other buildings and ground. It was in 1889 when the Odeon was found by accident while some workers were digging up the ground for the construction of the port. It has been restored and partially reconstructed, and is used as an open-air theatre for performances and concerts in the summer.


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Founded: 160 AD
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Greece

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Jeffrey linger (3 years ago)
Place with some nice history. Worth the visit.
מרדכי טחן (4 years ago)
Very simple and look very modern . Nothing special in that place although it is a free entrance
Joe Gaz (5 years ago)
A beautiful little Roman amphitheatre that is smack in the middle of Patras. Surrounded by parks, cafes and other assorted shops, it is worth popping in to see. Entry is free.
Chirag Ashar (5 years ago)
If you love old architectural ruins which are reminiscent of the glorious past, then the Roman Odeon will be a treat to your eyes and to your soul. The Roman Odeon has essentially become a theatre and might we add, the most beautiful of them all. The whole structure is made up only with Wood, Marble, Rocks and bricks. No cement was used and it has a tingling natural aroma of the wood and marble. It is a pretty sight and leaves you with a sense of joy and ecstasy and thoughtfulness. Witnessing a play here is purely pristine and you would be able to get all the information that you need at the information kiosk. Visit the Castle of Patras nearby and have a complete experience of the architectural magnificence that this place has to offer.
Sara Nena (6 years ago)
It is free!!!!!!! Can you believe it?! Just pay attention cause it is open only till 15.00 Something that nobody says: you xan test the acustic by speaking when you are on stage... in one point, around the front middle, when you speak, you will hear the voice on your head, like a microphone, and you will be heard everywhere. It is INCREDIBLE
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