Särna Old Church

Särna, Sweden

The old church in Särna was built between 1684-1697 and the tower erected in 1706. It was partially left to decay in 1880s when the new church was completed. The restoration was carried out in 1953-1954. The former altarpiece is painted in 1689 by Israel Eriksson and the current in 1775 by Anders Berglin. The pulpit dates from 1728.



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Founded: 1684-1697
Category: Religious sites in Sweden
Historical period: Swedish Empire (Sweden)


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User Reviews

Nicole Bühler (2 years ago)
Tower is being rebuilt. Nothing special.
Nicole (2 years ago)
Tower is being rebuilt. Nothing special.
Anne Svensson (2 years ago)
Anne Svensson (2 years ago)
Magnus Johansson (2 years ago)
What well-cut lawns
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