Torsbo Rock Carvings

Tanum, Sweden

There are over 100 rock carvings depicting rich and wide variation of themes in Torsbo, including the longest boat carving in Sweden (4,5m). There are also figures of a tree, and several warriors carrying swords. Many of the warriors are depicted as having enlarged calves, a feature that is typical for this area. It cannot be rulled out that several of the carvings were made by the same person. The carvings as a whole have, however, been made over a period of some 1000 years. Many of the ships date from the early Bronze age, around 1800-1500 B.C. while most of the warriors are thought to date from the end of the Bronze Age, around 700-500 B.C. There are often features of both motifs on the same rock face, indicating that the place was used and was a holy place for many generations.



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Torsbo 1, Tanum, Sweden
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Founded: 1800-1500 BC
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Sweden
Historical period: Neolithic Age (Sweden)

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User Reviews

Michiel (9 months ago)
Just wow! This is magnificent, cultural heritage that should forever be cherished. It's free to access and you can park at the nearby museum. (Please buy some Souvenirs and food and drinks and visit the museum to support it). The museum has free admissions and is a beautiful and interesting museum with kind staff.
L M (11 months ago)
Awesome environment. So much history. If you like Vikings, That's the place
David (Dunder_GG) (12 months ago)
Very well kept area and cozy forest path. We missed the café but it seemed popular. Can definitely recommend for anyone interested in history.
Leszek Augustynek (12 months ago)
A piece of history I didn't know about. Excellent presentation of history of the Scandinavian peninsula. I recommend.
Rui Gomes (13 months ago)
Area with a large concentration of beautiful rock carvings from the Bronze Age. The main sites are in Vitlyckehällen, Litsleby and Aspeberget. Highly recommended.
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