Siida is home to the Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre. Siida arranges exhibitions on Sámi culture and the nature of Northern Lapland. In addition, Siida has an open-air museum open in the summers, which was originally known as the Inari Sámi Museum. The first buildings were moved to the museum grounds in 1960. The 7-hectare (17-acre) area has nearly 50 sites of interest related to Lapland's nature and the Sámi and their culture. Furthermore, the area is where the earliest settlers in Northern Lapland lived and archaeological finds from approximately 9,000 years ago have been found.



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Inarintie 46, Inari, Finland
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Founded: 1960
Category: Museums in Finland
Historical period: Independency (Finland)

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4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

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Rebekah Perry (3 months ago)
Indigenous people always get hosed. We learned a ton about Sami history. An amazing museum.
Erin Lavigne (3 months ago)
We had an amazing guide at Siida who told us so many personal stories that really helped everyone relate and learn about the Sami people and their history. The museum has a great open air part as well as some wonderful interactive exhibits indoors as well. Highly recommend!
Irene Krajewska (4 months ago)
Fascinating place to find out amazing facts about Sami’s, their history, clothing, reindeer feeding etc. Very good exhibits esp the videos. Very nice restaurant too!
Roman Sannikov (6 months ago)
We really liked the museum. It was well designed and very informative. Had great information about the geological and biological development of the region. It also had great exhibits about the Sami people and culture. Being really interested in anthropology, I kind of missed a more detailed explanation of the migrations of people into the region. When did the Sami get there, where did they come from, when did the Indo-European and Finno-Ugric people arrive, etc. The biggest disappointment was that we weren't able to see any of the outdoor exhibits because it was too icy. Damn global warming! We spent about 2 hrs looking at and reading about the displays, but I felt like I could have easily spent twice as long. Unfortunately, it started getting pretty cramped with a lot of people, so we wound up leaving earlier than I would have wanted. Though I am glad that so many people came to read about Sami history.
Emily Beardall (6 months ago)
Really interesting, both about the Sami culture and history and the flora and fauna at different times of year. Very stylishly presented information and interactive elements. A lovely gift shop for souvenirs. A must-visit if you come to the Inari area.
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