The Western Settlement (Vestribyggð) was a group of farms and communities established by Norsemen from Iceland around AD 985 in medieval Greenland. Despite its name, the Western Settlement was more north than west of its companion and located at the head of the long Nuup Kangerlua fjord (inland from Nuuk, the present Greenlandic capital).

At its peak, the Western Settlement probably had about 1,000 inhabitants, about a fourth the size of the Eastern Settlement, owing to its shorter growing season. The largest of the Western Settlement farms was Sandnæs. Ruins of almost 95 farms have been found in the Western settlement.

Much less is known about the Western Settlement than the Eastern Settlement, as there is very little mention and no direct description of it in any of the medieval sources on Greenland. The Norse settlement was last mentioned by the traveller Ivar Bardarson, who wrote to the Bishop of Bergen to describe conditions he observed sometime between 1341–60. In his voyage to the Western Settlement, he found only vacant farms.



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Founded: 985 AD
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Greenland


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Sabrina Cuccia (9 months ago)
I am a long islander and I knew that venues here just weren't for me. We decided to look upstate in the mountains to find something more "us". My husband found this gem of a place and I am forever grateful that he did. We were truly going to book this sight-un-seen. We took a risk being so far away but ultimately Kim has everything (props, decorations etc) to make your wedding look picture perfect. From the gorgeous barn, wooden tables, mix-matched the farmhouse surrounded by the Catskill mountains, everything was what we wanted/dreamed of. We had over 115 people traveling from Long Island and they all raved about this place. They said it was the most fun they ever had at a wedding, and I can conquer. I will never forget my wedding weekend here, it will always be held in my heart and my fondest memory. Kim is wonderful. She is helpful, patient and fulll of recommendations. We basically listened to her (food, DJ, bartenders) and we were just thrilled with everyone. Get married here.... you won't regret it!!
Heather Huie (11 months ago)
Great wedding venue and as a photographer it’s an awesome spot to shoot in! Nice staff and owners made the experience really enjoyable!
Julia Raskin (11 months ago)
I absolutely love the Inn at West Settlement, and Kim! I had the perfect wedding week and everything went so smoothly. Kim is patient, understanding and very experienced. It's an incredible value for such a gorgeous spot, and the farmhouse is comfortable and has a lot of character. Would recommend 100%
Joe Damone (3 years ago)
Great venue for a Catskills Wedding. I have attended several weddings there and they were all great. Kim and her crew do a great job!
Joe Damone (3 years ago)
Great venue for a Catskills Wedding. I have attended several weddings there and they were all great. Kim and her crew do a great job!
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