Karasjok Old Church

Karasjok, Norway

The white, wooden Old Karasjok Church was built in 1807 by the architect Daniel Storch. The church is the oldest church building in Finnmark county, and it served as the main parish church for Karasjok from 1807 until 1974 when the new Karasjok Church was completed. Until 1902, the church had a domed turret, but in 1902 a steeple was built to replace the dome. The church is no longer regularly used, but it is used occasionally for special situations.



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Founded: 1807
Category: Religious sites in Norway


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User Reviews

Weyenberg Ravi (2 years ago)
Sothinathan Nagamuthu (3 years ago)
A Peace full place
Jens-Mikael Stjernberg (3 years ago)
Hans Justesen (3 years ago)
A beautiful building inside
ItzSplixxxt (3 years ago)
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