St. Nicholas Monastery

Mahiljou, Belarus

St. Nicholas Monastery Complex is situated in the Dnieper river valley, in a fenced territory. It consists of a number of stone buildings: the St. Nicholas and St. Onuphry Churches, a dwelling house (a hospital), a belfry and a fence with an entrance gate.

The stone building of the St. Nicholas Church was erected on the place of a wooden church from 1669 to 1672. The church is a three-nave cross-dome basilica with an octahedral light tambour and a large bulbous cupola over the middle part of the church. The dominant architectural feature of the church was a two-tower main facade with a figured pediment decorated with a set of diversiform tiered bays.

At present the complex is an active monastery. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2004.



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Founded: 1669
Category: Religious sites in Belarus


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User Reviews

Евгений Толкач (7 months ago)
A spiritual place. Nice decoration. A must visit.
Ivan Maklanau (7 months ago)
It’s not clear just why they slapped the yellow tsybulina on the brama, as if it wouldn’t be a holy place without it? Well, of course everyone's business, through the life of some saints, to seek the path to Christ, but in my opinion, the path of Nicholas is not entirely sacred, considering all the events of the Kurlovsk executions and bloody Sundays.
Сергей Богославский (8 months ago)
The monastery is not big. Place of pilgrimage and premises for believers. Large parking. The territory of the monastery is neat and well-groomed. Women are given skirts that are worn over trousers and pants.
Татьяна Сумеречная (8 months ago)
The monastery was founded in 1636 by the Orthodox Metropolitan of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Peter Mogila. A third of a century later, on the site of wooden buildings, stone ones were erected in the Baroque style. The main church of the monastery was consecrated in the name of St. Nicholas. In 1798, a "warm" (winter) church was built next to the Nikolsky Church, consecrated in the name of St. Onuphrius the Great. During the XVII-XVIII centuries. residential buildings, a fence with a brahma, and a belfry also grew here. All these buildings today are part of the monastery ensemble, the main dominant of which is the St. Nicholas Church. The earliest frescoes in it date from the end of the 17th century. In addition, the carved four-tiered iconostasis, made in the technique of Belarusian volumetric carving with gilding, has been restored. The church contains a painting-icon of Nicholas II the Martyr, found in the basement of one of the houses in Mogilev on the day of the canonization of the royal family. Today the complex of St. Nicholas Convent, revived in 1991, is included in the preliminary UNESCO World Heritage List.
Arina Shigaylova (8 months ago)
The place where it takes your breath away. Unimaginable icons, architecture, gardens planted by the nuns themselves, living on the territory of the monastery. They will always be greeted warmly and in all difficult situations there is someone who will give advice. Two temples, one large, the other smaller. Archbishop Maxim of Mogilev is also buried there.
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