Breamore Mizmaze

Hampshire, United Kingdom

The Breamore mizmaze is one of eight remaining ancient turf labyrinths in England. The first record of the mizmaze is in 1783, but it is thought to be much older than that. It is of a circular design, a labyrinth cut into quarters by a Christian cross.


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Founded: Medieval
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in United Kingdom


3.7/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Nigel Venables (3 years ago)
Beautiful scheduled spot, that seems a very magical spot when you think of the 800 years of history and people that visited the site. Only wish you could do the maze.
Alexander P Macdonald (3 years ago)
Bit of fun
Barry Rawson (4 years ago)
Great walk up to the maze with a great view
Peter Blincowe (5 years ago)
Great for a walk if you are in the area.Not really much to look at but something to head for if you fancy a bit of exercise.The plaque there says something about related sites in Italy and France which is kind of the most interesting thing there.There is a new bench and sign which I think has been put up by a local farmer.I think it relates to someone who used to walk there a lot possibly with his dog.
brian jones (5 years ago)
Needs sorting :-(
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