Vélez-Blanco Castle

Vélez-Blanco, Spain

According to an inscription in the courtyard, the Vélez-Blanco Castle was built between 1506 and 1515 after Fajardo received the lordship of the town from Ferdinand II and Isabella, took up residence there and was given the title of Marqués (1507) by Ferdinand, who was then regent. The heraldry of the principal areas of the castle, including the coat of arms of his second wife, Mencía de la Cueva, belongs to this period.

The castle is situated on a hill overlooking the town. An important aspect of this castle is its huge tower, Torre del Homenaje, which is over 20 m high, an emblematic element of the castle and a symbol of the power over the dominion. The stone structure, had wooden stairs, which could be removed in case of danger isolating the upper level as a last defense. There is a vast number of decorative elements topping its battlements. The building has been restored in stages during the second half of the 20th century, including the floors of the towers.

The fortified areas of the castle, particularly the defences and the Late Gothic east gallery of the courtyard, are examples of late 15th-century Spanish art.


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Founded: 1506
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain


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User Reviews

Nikki Parker (15 months ago)
Free entry and fantastic views. Nice friendly lady at the entrance. We were also lucky that there was a superb 3D photographic exhibition of significant archeological sites in Andalucía during our visit. This was due to end imminently (so don't expect it for a future visit). I'd recommend Vélez-Blanco castle, even if it's closed, as it looks dramatic from the main road and you can easily walk around the outside.
Predrag Petrovic (17 months ago)
This is a hidden jewel we discovered on our roadtrip. Definitely worth the stop and the visit! A beautiful little castle on a hill, overlooking a small town, and it offers magnificent views from its terrace to a rocky peak. The entrance was free of charge, but we still bought some magnets and postcards from the kind and lovely lady at the castle counter. You can park on the top of the hill, just in front of the castle entrance.
Han Halewijn (19 months ago)
Partly restored medieval castle. Very nice view over the surrounding area.
Tam Quil (2 years ago)
The views are amazing. It was cold and super windy today
Sheila Sheila (2 years ago)
Not alot to see but they are trying to renovate so in time will be more to see. Went down onto town also velez rubio both worth a visit but dont bother going to maria not impressed at all.
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