Drzewica Castle

Drzewica, Poland

Drzewica Castle was built between 1527 and 1535 by Archbishop of Gniezno Maciej Drzewicki. The Archbishop built the castle on the peripheries of the town, by the river Drzewiczka and encircled the fortress with moats, separated by a bulwark. The building's plan is based on a regular rectangular shape. Its defence systems are based on four square towers located in each corner of the castle.

The building burned down in 1814, remaining a well preserved ruin. Thus, the castle did not undergo any later modifications, remaining one of Poland's best preserved residences from the first part of the sixteenth-century.



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Founded: 1527-1535
Category: Castles and fortifications in Poland

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Darek Kopeć (3 years ago)
The castle of the Drzewicki family, destroyed in a fire (1814), the walls and towers survived, and for 30 years sold to private hands. Difficult access to the inside of the building. Nevertheless, it is an interesting place for a one-day bike trip and sightseeing (walking around), while staying in Drzewica. A path would be useful, and a descent from the bridge. ?
NORMAN MCMLXXI (3 years ago)
Great place .... There is a vibe .... you cannot enter ... But I managed to take a picture ... the courtyard ... through the crack in the gate ... ?
ewelkamag (3 years ago)
Great ruins and that's the end of the positives. The main attraction of the city was sold into private hands over 30 years ago. Since then, practically nothing has been done there. Even access to the castle is extremely limited. Unimaginable waste of potential. The natives don't know what they have and what
Benji (3 years ago)
Dope little castle.
Mikołaj Szmit (3 years ago)
Unfortunately, the castle is private property and cannot be visited. The only thing that remains is to walk around the castle. Access to the castle is extremely difficult, there are no paths, no parking, and the stairs leading to the monument are blocked with a barrier. The ruins are undoubtedly picturesque, but the Jedi's four-trigger closure greatly limits its potential. It is definitely not worth going to Drzewica just to see the castle, if you are passing through, you can spend 10 minutes walking around the facility.
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