St. Nicholas Rotunda

Cieszyn, Poland

Saint Nicolas and Saint Wenceslas Church in Cieszyn is a Romanesque rotunda to serve the role of a castle chapel and a stronghold church.

The rotunda was erected within the walls of the castellan stronghold at the top of Castle Mount (built in the 10th century and the first half of the 11th century). The first reference to the rotunda comes from 1223, where it was described as St. Nicolas Chapel, obliged to pay a tithe to Norbertine’s sisters in Rybnik. The end of the 13th century and the entire 14th century was related to a reconstruction of the castle and replacement of wood by bricks. The Romanesque rotunda was adapted to the Gothic castle: the level of the floor was raised by two meters, Romanesque windows in the apse were walled up and bigger, Gothic ones were created.

At the time of the conversion of the lower castle in 1838-40, the Romanesque walls of the temple were ringed by a brick wall. New and bigger windows were walled out and a new, tin helmet was put up. The level of the interior nave and the exterior area was raised (the building was almost halfway up rimmed by soil). The Romanesque chapel received a classical division of the façade adjusted to the style of the castle. The design of a romantic pavilion was created by Joseph Koernhausel. The interior of the Rotunda was decorated by a neo-gothic wooden altar and a picture of Saint Wenceslas.

The Rotunda of Cieszyn as one of the oldest monuments of Polish architecture is depicted on the current Polish 20 PLN banknote.



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Zamkowa 3B, Cieszyn, Poland
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Founded: c. 1180
Category: Religious sites in Poland

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Michał Górski (2 years ago)
Rotunda is truly amazing. You can go inside and feel the spirit of the time. It's really authentic feeling.
Matyáš aka turista na ytb (3 years ago)
nic extra
Jan Cermak (4 years ago)
Nice place to visit. Small Chapel inside that you can visit as well. Not far from Tower View Point. Entry fee into Tower is 7zł(£1,5) and you can see whole city plus river that is a border between Czech Republic and Poland.
Tomasz Dawid “Pgw_SzaJba” Szyrocki (4 years ago)
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