Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria

Santander, Spain

Cantabria Prehistory and Archaeology Museum conserves all the artefacts and remains recovered by archaeological excavations in the region. It therefore has collections of stone and bone objects from all the decorated caves, such as La Garma, Altamira, El Castillo and El Pendo.

The Museum was founded in the early twentieth century with the material collected mainly by J. Carballo. It was initially located in Sobrellano Palace in Comillas, and officially opened by King Alfonso XIII in 1926. Its collections have increased each year with the artefacts of all ages recovered by archaeological excavations in Cantabria. However, the specialisation of regional archaeology in Palaeolithic sites has led to this period of prehistory being represented by a large sample of objects.

The museum is divided into two parts: Prehistory and History. The first part is given the largest exhibition space. It can be visited from different viewpoints: on one hand, the evolution in stone tools and therefore material culture and technical process can be appreciated, while on the other, a selection of the main collections from caves in the region, and the periods each one represents, can be studied. The greatest importance is given to the Palaeolithic, but other prehistoric periods and ancient History, particularly the Roman Age and the Middle Ages, are also exhibited.



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Founded: 1926
Category: Museums in Spain

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User Reviews

Trevor Webster (14 months ago)
Excellent. Many objects excavated from the pre historic local caves are to be found here
Leli A (15 months ago)
It was Very Good Experience. Many Interesting Archeological Findings. Big stone"Estella" from Old Civilization Before Romans and celtic. A Lot of To See in Details. If you are Student Half of Price to Entrance
Esteve Maruri i Camps (17 months ago)
Nice and kind people. Very good exhibition. Great location. My son loves the bones and worked stones.
Thomas Welton (18 months ago)
A really fascinating museum that is well worth the cheap entry fee. The pieces of prehistoric art were incredible. A must see in the city.
Muhammad Arshad Mukhtar (19 months ago)
Really loved to visit this amazing place. Cantabria has a rich history footprints from prehistoric times and this museum has persevered and presented nicely.
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