Pajrek Castle

Nýrsko, Czech Republic

The ruins of the Pajrek Castle (Burg Bayereck) lie above the town of Nýrsko in the western part of the Bohemian Forest at a height of 505 metres above sea level.

This important border castle was built at the beginning of the 14th century, but by 1472 it had already been abandoned. In 1504, the castle was rebuilt, but it was only used until the middle of the 16th century, when it was finally abandoned. Only the remains of the huge tower have survived.



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Nýrsko, Czech Republic
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Founded: 14th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Czech Republic

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User Reviews

Martin Charvát (2 years ago)
Overgrown ruins of the castle, a few walls protruding above the bushes, but it can be recommended as a short trip. Beautiful view of the Nýrsko water reservoir
Miroslava Masopustová (2 years ago)
We spent our vacation in a nearby camp and spent a lot of time on top of that. One day we had a lot of fun, but in the afternoon it was just overcast, so we made a trip to this ruin. The terrain is a bit steep, but it was mastered by a 5-year-old daughter and a father with a 1.5-year-old son in a stroller. We didn't choose the way back directly to the city, but the road to the cable car/slope, which was not so steep... at least that's how it felt to us.
Ivan Čiháček (2 years ago)
Pajrek is a castle ruin that can be found approximately two kilometers south of the town of Nýrsko in the district of Klatovy in the Pilsen region. It stands on the northern spur of the Hraničář mountain at an altitude of 615 m.a.s.l. The castle was founded in the first half of the fourteenth century by the lords of Janovice, to whom it belonged until the beginning of the sixteenth century. During the Hussite wars, Jan of Janovice resided here, who alternately joined the sides of the Hussites and the Catholics. In 1479, the castle was captured and burned by the Bavarian army. In 1512, the derelict castle was bought and partially restored by Jindřich Kostomlatský from Vřesovice, but after his death the castle quickly fell into disrepair and turned into a ruin. I can recommend visiting this memorable Pajrek castle ruin. It is a beautiful walk for a trip.
S. (3 years ago)
Moc hezká trasa z Nýrska, kde je spousta možnosti parkovat. Cesta je do kopce, není pro kočárky, ale malé děti v pohodě zvládnou. Zřícenina je hezká, po cestě výhledy do okolí, dá se jít jinou cestou tam a zpět. Trasa bez občerstvení, ale na vlastní svačinku pěkné posezení.
Frantisek Jandl (3 years ago)
Celkem pekny výšlap a z jedno mista hned vedle hradu je pekna vyhlidka na prehradu.
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