Avantas Castle

Evros, Greece

On the outskirts of Alexandroupoli, close to the village of Avantas, lie the medieval castles of Avantas and Potamos. Three different historic eras coexist on those walls, namely the Mycenaean, Classical and the Byzantine era. Both these castles supervised the field and controlled the passages towards the plains of Komotini and inland of the Rodopi mountain range.

Both constructions date to the second half of the 13th century or the first half of the 14th and they are both erected next to streams and on top of steep hills. The Avantas castle is shaped with a simple transverse wall that severs any access to the slope and the peak of the hill. In Potamos the castle has 3 towers that form an internal enclosure and a further external one.

Avantas castle consists of a wall of approximately 140 meters, parallel to the contours and a second, about 40 meters, almost perpendicular to it. The fortified area is of a generally oblique rectangular shape and is slightly less than 1 hectare. The fortification is developed on the slope from which it is possible to rise on the hill, while the rest is not protected by walls because the rough terrain is enough.The fortification was reinforced by four rectangular towers. There were two gates: one at the end of the wall protected by a tower and one in the middle of the wall, between two towers. There are no architectural remains, which might testify residential occupation. The oldest construction elements are some massive domes that have been used in various parts of the fortification which might indicate an older fortification.



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Evros, Greece
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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Greece

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User Reviews

Natalia Wójcik (2 years ago)
It didn't lead to the goal, just a dead end ... changing the way was the same
Εφη (2 years ago)
Wonderful place
Alex Lovely (2 years ago)
The way up to the ruins is largely unimproved but the old gatehouse arch is beautiful. After a short scramble to the top of the hill, you are rewarded with beautiful panoramic views out to the coast.
Invi Zigot (3 years ago)
On a rocky hill above the village of Avandas rise the ruins of a Byzantine castle. This ancient fortress is located at an altitude of 180 meters above sea level and the estimated time of construction is about the 6th century although the source does not confirm this date and archaeological finds speak of the 14th century. The name of the castle is also vague but one of them sounds like Κερεόπυργος.
aerosakos (3 years ago)
Totally unused with difficult access. You also find it difficult to get to the castle. Very nice view
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