Golden Hill Fort

Freshwater, United Kingdom

Golden Hill Fort was a defensible barracks at Freshwater, Isle of Wight, built as part of the Palmerston defences by the 1859 Royal Commission on the Defence of the United Kingdom to provide manpower to man the defences at the western end of the Isle of Wight, England. Built in hexagonal form, it accommodated 8 officers and 128 men, and had its own hospital.

The garrison for the nearby Hatherwood Battery was held at the fort. In 1914 33 Company Royal Garrison Artillery was based at the Fort.

The Fort is a local landmark which is in a very prominent position overlooking much of the land looking south towards Afton Down. Whilst operational, the area was kept clear of vegetation to allow views out to the Solent. The name Golden Hill refers not to the spectacular golden display of flowering European gorse, but to an historic landowner named Gauden.



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Freshwater, United Kingdom
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Founded: 1859
Category: Castles and fortifications in United Kingdom

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User Reviews

Cathy Sumner (2 years ago)
This was a lovely place to visit with family and have a vacation.
Jason Sumner (2 years ago)
An amazing and unique experience. Stunning views of the open landscape of Isle of Wight, the Solum, and Atlantic with beautiful sun rises and sun sets. The roof top garden is welcoming at any time of the day to listen to the calmness of the island and surrounding wildlife. Hats off to Wildheart for managing this unique property.
Peter Huskinson (2 years ago)
Brilliant. We loved our stay at Golden Hill Fort and would have preferred to stay longer We were all very impressed with everything, comfortable bedrooms downstairs, large open plan living area upstairs. The special lighting effects were impressive once we worked out how to control it, and we felt warm and cosy inside especially as the weather outside was awful. Security of the Fort is impressive with the two security gates to enter into the court yard and accommodation. The gardens on the roof are good for an early morning stroll but a little spooky at night in the dark. Our dogs weren't very comfortable going up there in the dark even though there was ample lighting. Overall, we enjoyed our stay and would love to return in the future.
pete rangeley (2 years ago)
Lovely place for walking.. taking the dog.. taking the kids.. picnic area and a lovely willow maze.. views are spectacular.. red squirrel walk too... go visit.. the Fort is not accessible as its private residence...?
Nettie Davers (3 years ago)
Lovely place to visit, really enjoyed walking round & discovering the history it was great day out
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