Galeras Castle

Cartagena, Spain

Galeras Fort, locally known as Fuerte de Galeras, lies on a mountain next to the city of Cartagena. Plans to fortify this, 219 meter high, mountain date back to the 16th century. Galeras Fort however was built between the mid-18th century and 1777 by the Croatian military engineer Mateo Wodopich. It was designed by the military engineer Pedro Martín-Paredes Cermeño in the style of eclectic Neoclassicism according to the principles of the Frenchified Spanish School. It had to guard the Military Arsenal of Cartagena and was connected to the city walls. It is situated on a mountain between Atalaya Fort to the north and the Fajardo Battery to the south.

The quadrangular fort saw action during both the Peninsular War, between 1808-1814, and the Cantonal Revolution in 1873-74. In the 20th century it gradually lost its military importance but still served as a military prison.



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Founded: 1777
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain

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Jack Lewis (2 years ago)
Not too steep and not too high. a perfect climb for beginners. The path is in pretty good condition too. There’s a few signs saying “no entry” and that it’s owned by the military but no need to panic the area is safe and free to enter. The castle itself is closed off to the public but the views from outside it are spectacular. Also on the way down I’d recommend taking a detour to the fortress of Fajardo where you can see more of the old military bases and batteries
Helen Myhill (4 years ago)
Cycled to the top, unfortunately the Castle is closed. There are signs in Spanish saying dangerous for cyclists. The views once you get to the top are fantastic. I can understand why the sign says dangerous for cyclists, the switch backs are fun but keep your ? on the road take care and enjoy the ride down
Etiquette Cycling (4 years ago)
It’s a long climb but the views are worth it.
Alejandro Perez (6 years ago)
Nice for a short walk. Good views of the valley, surprisingly well taken care of.
Lewis Mostowy (6 years ago)
The best views of Cartagena about 1000 ft above sea level. Very isolated, access the main trail up the mountain to the right of Navantia's main entrance. Just go around the gate that states "your not allowed" lol I did the paved switch back on a borrowed mountain bike, a good pair of running or walking shoes is also ideal.
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