Hakodate, Japan

Shiryōkaku (四稜郭) (literally, 'four-point fort') is a fort in the city of Hakodate. It was constructed in April 1869, during the Battle of Hakodate, three kilometres to the northeast of Goryōkaku by two hundred soldiers of the former Tokugawa shogunate and a hundred local villagers, likely under the direction of Ōtori Keisuke.

The fort covers an area of 21,500 m2, stretching approximately a hundred metres east to west and seventy metres north to south; the earthworks rise to a height of 3 m with a width of 5.4 m; they are surrounded by a dry moat 0.9 m deep and 2.7 m wide; the entrance is to the southwest.

Shiryōkaku fell to government forces within a few hours on 11 May 1869.

In 1934 the area was designated an Historic Site. Repairs were carried out from 1970-2 and again in 1990.



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Hakodate, Japan
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Founded: 1869
Category: Castles and fortifications in Japan

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Aトロル (2 years ago)
冬なので真っ白だった。 こじんまりとしている。 これで新政府軍を迎えうとうなど不安だっただろう。 近所の人が入れ替わり立ち代わり犬の散歩で訪れていた。 最寄の四稜郭バス停や四稜郭入口バス停は本数も少ないが 三十分も歩かないところに赤川入口バス停が一時間に一本程度の本数がある。 市電バス1日乗車券も利用できるバス停なので良いと思う。
弘貴鈴木 (3 years ago)
Parents and children were playing and it was a peaceful feeling
地黄八幡 (3 years ago)
It remains well. However, I feel sorry for the soldiers who were killed in this small fortress.
かなめ (3 years ago)
I visited for the first time in more than 40 years. Here, you can see that Goryokaku, Sanryokaku, Shiryokaku, etc., the history of the end of the Edo period, and the aerial photographs and maps seen from above make it look like a butterfly wing. For the first time, it's fun to go see it. It makes me very sad to visit this place without any knowledge and see people complaining about nothing ...
Pinguland Family (5 years ago)
Shiryokaku is far from downtown, so I had to take a taxi from Goryokaku. It took 10 minutes to look around everything. It seems that even Hakodate people don't know about this place well. Anyway, it was a good experience but if you don't have enough time, I think you don't have to go there. I paid 2,860Yen for my round trip taxi fare. Taxi driver waited for me during 10 minutes.
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