Teatro Petruzzelli

Bari, Italy

The Teatro Petruzzelli is the largest theatre of the city of Bari and the fourth Italian theatre by size.  Onofrio and Antonio Petruzzelli, traders and ship builders from Bari, presented the designs for the theatre drawn up by their brother-in-law, the engineer Angelo Bari Cicciomessere to the city of Bari. The proposal for building the Petruzzelli was accepted and, on 29 January 1896, a contract was signed between the family and the city administration. Two years later, in October 1898, work began and it ended in 1903.

During the night of 26 and 27 October 1991 the theatre was completely destroyed by fire, the result of arson. The criminal trial of those accused of setting the fire ended with the acquittal of the defendants and the condemnation of the perpetrators of the incident.

The Petruzzelli, reconstructed entirely with public money in 2008, was returned to the City of Bari in 2009. On 6 December 2009 the first opera season in the re-built theatre began with Turandot by Giacomo Puccini.



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Founded: 1898
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ion raut (6 months ago)
The Petruzzelli Theater is the largest theater in Bari and the fourth largest in Italy.
Ahmet Erik (8 months ago)
The architecture is truly magnificent. You really can't miss it even if you tried. The strong red colour is effulgent and the contemporary design shines ✨️ The Petruzzelli Theater is the largest theater in Bari and the fourth largest in Italy, located in the heart of the capital of Apulia.
Brigitta Bokor (10 months ago)
Such a beautiful opera house / theater!
Manuela Lenoci (14 months ago)
Amazing experience at circolo Unione in Bari. 120 years of history and tradition I took part to an event an amazing book presentation with a special guest the singer Al bano Carrisi
Marco Lattarulo (2 years ago)
One the most important theatre in Bari. The building was restored after a bad fire “happened” some years ago due to the local organized crime. So then the theatre started again its marvelous lyrical seasons. laterally in the same building of the theatre you can find also an amazing pastry shop on the right and a private club on the left where only members can access and benefit from other splendid old rooms of this side.
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