Moncalieri Castle

Turin, Italy

The Castle of Moncalieri is a palace in Turin in northern Italy. It is one of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in 1997. The first structure was a fortress built by Thomas I of Savoy around 1100 on a hill, to command the main southern access to Turin. In the mid-15th century Yolanda of Valois, wife of Duke Amadeus IX, turned it into a pleasure residence. Architect Carlo di Castellamonte enlarged the construction substantially, and the interiors were redesigned by him and other local artists.

The castle was the site of the marriage between Maria Vittoria Francesca of Savoy to the Prince of Carignano. It was also the place where Maria Carolina of Savoy married Anthony of Saxony by proxy in 1781.

It was the scene of the death of Maria Antonietta of Spain in 1785; she was the wife of Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia. Victor Amadeus later died there in 1796.

The castle was used extensively by the Savoyards, and was the first castle occupied in 1798 by the French armies, who retained it until 1814. Returned to Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia and later to his distant nephew Charles Albert of Sardinia, Prince of Carignano, it became the residence of young family princes who studied here. King Victor Emmanuel II preferred it to the Royal Palace of Turin, and had numerous apartments furnished according to his tastes. In 1849, it was from this palace that emerged the famous Proclamation of Moncalieri, written by Massimo D'Azeglio and signed by the king Vittorio Emmanuel II.

The palace was later was used by the Queen Mothers and royal princesses. Since 1921 it has been the home of the 1st Battalion of the Carabinieri, but the historical rooms can be freely visited.

The current structure of the castle is in the shape of a horseshoe facing south, with four massive square towers at each angle. The side sections have five floors, brick walls and robust buttresses. Two other minor buildings parallel the side sections and create two courts. The southern façade has a giardino all'italiana and two small cylindrical towers, last remains of the 15th-century castle. The northern entrance has also a notable belvedere.



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Moncalieri, Turin, Italy
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Founded: 15th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy


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User Reviews

Claire Wood (13 months ago)
You can book tickets online from the Venaria website, even 1hr before the tour begins. It’s not necessary to book by phone as some sites suggest. Visits are only possible with a guide as the rest of the castle is used by the military. Our guide seemed to be late for something and rushed through the palace in 45 minutes. Tours are only available in Italian (same for the written info inside) and presume that you already know the characters of the Savoy family. The most interesting part of the tour was about a fire in 2008 that destroyed some of the rooms. Some of them have been restored while others were too badly damaged to repair.
Hmmm Borg (2 years ago)
The tour; The tour was only in Italian, but I still managed to understand most of it with my limited knowledge of the language because the guide knew how to convey information with gestures quite well. The tour lasts 1 hour and is quite cheap. Remember to book tickets the day before online. The castle; The castle itself is quite nice, even though you only get to visit a small part of it throughout the guided tour since half the castle is used by the Carabinieri. Moncalieri; Moncalieri is a beautiful little city and easy to go to when you're visiting Turin. I would recommend that you include thid place as part of your itinerary. I recommend you spend around 2 hours at the castle + visiting Moncalieri.
Antonio Lamas R (2 years ago)
Nice town near torino, beautiful place to visit at mornings! 100% recommended
Joyce van Versendaal (2 years ago)
Interesting tour. However, the castle is not in the best state and there are more impressive castles nearby. Also, our guide did not speak English, so this is something to check with the staff beforehand if you don't speak Italian.
Federico Briatore (2 years ago)
Very positive. It's a lovely Castle. The visit lasts about 1 hour with the guide
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