Sacro Monte di Belmonte

Valperga, Italy

The Sacred Mountain of Belmonte is a Roman Catholic devotional complex in the comune of Valperga. It is one of the nine Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy, included in UNESCO World Heritage list.

It was built in 1712 at the initiative of the Friar Minor Michelangelo da Montiglio. After interruptions, building work on the chapel was resumed in 1759 and in 1825.

The complex is located in Canavese and is dedicated to the Mysteries of the Rosary; it comprises a church (Sanctuary) and several chapels. The chapels are built at set intervals: the details of their construction, the shapes and the embellishment used are often identical, which suggest that they are the work of a single anonymous architect.



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Founded: 1712
Category: Religious sites in Italy


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User Reviews

luciano aimone (2 years ago)
Belmonte summarizes in itself history, beauty and an extraordinary location, from the top of its hill it dominates the plain and the gaze sweeps from the greenhouse of Ivrea to Monviso ... In any season it offers emotions and beauty. For those who want the ascent of the via dei piloni that from Valperga leads to the sacred mountain is a splendid walk in a natural environment unfortunately ruined by a recent fire. It's a shame it doesn't have the maintenance it deserves. The church is dominated by the sacred mountain and in the highest part a splendid statue of St. Francis, at the bottom of the plateau there are traces of a Longobard camp. In the church, an upper part hides at the end of a steep staircase a corridor full of ex-votos, from the most naïve to real masterpieces, images of a perhaps simpler and more unconscious period.
Enjoy life (2 years ago)
Not impressed at all and chapels as everything else are in a van condition ! To avoid
gipli1998 (3 years ago)
Steve Lindeman (6 years ago)
Nice viewing spot to see the Alps and local villages.
Manu X (7 years ago)
Good morning! Welcome a Bemonte! This place is "Sito UNESCO" by 2003. Here you can see landscape (this is one cause of Belmonte by July 2003 is a "Sito Unesco"....) If you would visit this place you can see many people who walk, run, read, everyday. Another possibly if you would visit Sacro Monte of Belmonte you can see children, young, adult, family,... Belmonte is place of art, nature, history, cultur,... So for all of this, you are WELCOME HERE! --- Sono ormai anni che frequento questo "luogo sacro". Che dire? A voi da scoprire... Paesaggio, natura, storia, cultura, arte, affreschi, statue, teatro montano, tradizioni locali, pellegrinaggi, devozione, turismo religioso, si intrecciano e lo rendono " Patrimonio dell'Umanità" dal 3 luglio 2003...
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