Settimo Vittone Castle

Settimo Vittone, Italy

Settimo Vittone Castle was built to inthe 9th century to the site of 6th century abbey. The castle was important step for pilgrimages to Rome. The castle was demolished in the 16th century.

In the courtyard is a Pieve di San Lorenzo, one of oldest existing Christian chapels in the area. It was probably built in the late 9th century.


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Settimo Vittone, Italy
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Founded: 9th century AD
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy


4.4/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Lara Dattilo (9 months ago)
Splendid location for events, owners, very kind and extremely helpful. The castle enjoys fantastic views. The only flaw is the architectural barriers
Enrico Ripamonti (9 months ago)
It is a fascinating castle, perched on a rocky crag. Its lines are very refined and soften the gray severity of the stone; the square tower with a military appearance in turn goes well with the refined medieval style villa. It is a complex that is evidently too beautiful to be ancient: the tower - for example - was only built in 1915 but this does not detract from the value of the castle which unfortunately can only be visited on rare occasions. Only a few crumbling walls on the north side seem to remain of the fortress built well before 1000: it was destroyed in 1500 by Charles III of Savoy (who was the owner) so that it would not fall into the hands of enemies.
Mike (2 years ago)
Visto solo dall'esterno ed è bellissimo. Più delle parole, raccontano le immagini. A picco sulla Via Francigena che passa proprio sotto.
Alfredo Visentini (2 years ago)
A neo-Gothic style castle rebuilt at the beginning of the twentieth century now open to visitors in the days of the FAI. In the internal rooms the ceilings are in plaster in perfect imitation of the wooden drawers. Authentic furnishings and frescoes in imitation of the neo-Gothic and medieval style. Interesting mosaic of various window styles. Panoramic point on the Dora valley. Too bad for the intrusive trellis on the back.
andrea (3 years ago)
Beautiful walk suitable for everyone. A pity not to be able to visit it. Paths that depart for different itineraries.
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