Santa Caterina Church

Casale Monferrato, Italy

Santa Caterina is a Baroque-style, Roman Catholic church located on Piazza Castello, in Casale Monferrato. This church was erected for Dominican nuns and consecrated in 1726. The architect was Giacomo Zanetti using designs by Giovanni Battista Scapitta. The highly decorated facade is in close proximity to the elliptical dome. The interiors were frescoed by Giovanni Carlo Aliberti who painted the Saints and Allegories of the Virtues, while the dome was painted by lesser-known painters Benaschi and Vittore. The statue of the Virgin of the Assumption (1780) on the main altar was sculpted by Giovanni Battista Bernero.



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Founded: 1726
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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Mario Niro (2 years ago)
I think it is very beautiful especially inside having a large dome. Also beautiful is the square in front of it at sunset illuminated with a statue of an angel on the roof of a nearby building. Or seen only a small part because at the moment it is being restored.
Stefano Gusmeroli (3 years ago)
Despite the restorations up to now, it is worth a visit because you can still appreciate the very particular architecture of the sacred building
Helene Hagedorn Hansen (5 years ago)
Nice little church, many frescoes
Roberto Gerbi (5 years ago)
Baroque church without infamy and without praise. It belonged to the Dominican nuns. Consecrated in 1726.
Roberto Grillo (6 years ago)
True, it needs a restoration, but the glance is worth the visit even for occasional tourists and is added to many other magnificent places to visit in Casale.
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