San Giorgio Monferrato Castle

San Giorgio Monferrato, Italy

San Giorgio Monferrato Castle originates from the 10th century and is well-preserved. The Monferrato family built massive walls in the 15th century. It was damaged by Spanish army in the early 1700s.

Built on five above-ground storeys, plus attic and tower for a total of about 4300 square metres of floor space and more than 5000 covered (the difference between the two measurements is given by the thickness of the ancient walls), the property also has an Italian-style garden, a small hanging garden, two majestic panoramic terraces with views sweeping from the plains to the Alpine arc, and a centuries-old park of about 3.6 hectares.


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Founded: 10th century AD
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy


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User Reviews

Marianna Colucci (2 years ago)
I wish I could give a review given the kilometers I have covered, but I found it closed without even a sign indicating opening days and times !!!!!
gina ledesma (2 years ago)
friendly owner
Tania Sedini (2 years ago)
Remarkable castle, externally and internally. Inhabited by the family and used for events, guided tours and as a b & b. The collections of paintings and porcelain of the ancestors are fascinating. The view from the huge terrace is spectacular. You can see the whole of Monferrato. Dear owner who opened the doors of his home to us
Iryna Bocharnikova (3 years ago)
From a distance this huge castle is very beautiful, but up close it is not. The building is in very bad condition: weeds grow everywhere, in some windows instead of glass there are pieces of wood. The plaque near the gate read B&B. Maybe it's more beautiful inside than outside. However, for lovers of medieval history, like me, it could be a good idea.
paola kisner iviglia (5 years ago)
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