Berrueco Castle

Torredelcampo, Spain

The castle of Berrueco is located in the small town that belongs to Torredelcampo. It is the most important castle in all Jaén district. On top of San Antón hill, the ruins and remains of Iberian, Roman and Visigoth settlements have been found. This is an area that has been conquered and occupied by different peoples over the years. The main settlement was Roman and took up the lower part of the San Antón hillside.

The castle was built by the Muslims during the 12th century. During the 13th century it was largely transformed by the Christians. The interior was restructured and battlements and machicolations were added for defensive purposes.

In 1243, after its conquest by Ferdinand III, Christians again remodeled the castle to its current appearance.

The most important battles in Castle of Berrueco took place during the second half of the 15th century. At that time the castle was conquered by don Pedro Girón, leader of the rebels against Henry IV. Pedro Girón wanted to make a pact to marry Queen Isabella the Catholic. Don Pedro de Girón died before he could reach such an agreement and the castle was conquered again by the soldiers of constable Iranzo. The castle belonged again to Jaén district.



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Founded: 12th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain


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User Reviews

Oscar Vaquerizo Boiso (12 months ago)
Curious to see. One of many castles as there are in the province. It's in pretty bad shape.
Richard Hidrovo (16 months ago)
Castillo de Berrueco, Municipality of Torredelcampo, there are uninhabited farmhouses, it is very interesting, you can at any time.
Francisco Valdivia Galvez (3 years ago)
Castillo del Berrueco is located 13 km from Torredelcampo. Both the castle that is in the beginning of restoration and the surroundings present a great dilapidated neglect that would cost a lot of money and effort to restore in its entirety...
Campeón de mi barrio. (4 years ago)
Magnificent, another example of the potential of our province. Originally it was a Roman oppidum, later it became a Muslim strategic castle, thus controlling the entrance and exits to the city of Yaiyan.
MANUEL MIRÓ (4 years ago)
It is always a good plan to approach the ruins of this fortification steeped in history to take pictures, even more so when there is good light and the clouds crown the castle.
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