Monteserico Castle

Genzano di Lucania, Italy

Monteserico Castle is situated on a hill in a strategic position for controlling commercial traffic on the Appian Way that passed nearby. First documented in 1041, the year of a famous battle between the Byzantines and the Normans, it became a domus during the Swabian period and a royal farmstead under the Angevins. The Monteserico Castle communicated with the Garagnone Castle and the Gravina Castle (commissioned by Frederick II) through signal torches to alert of approaching enemies.

Destroyed in the early 1500s, it underwent restoration in several phases from the 18th to the 19th century and has recently been the subject of restoration efforts.

In 1989, the municipality of Genzano di Lucania acquired ownership of the building.


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Founded: 11th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy


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User Reviews

anto iannu (11 months ago)
Beautiful castle perched on a hill that is difficult to reach. The road is rough but it's worth it. The castle is well maintained, on two floors with a dungeon and a terrace that can be visited. the visit is free (with a free donation) I recommend contacting the caretaker for the opening hours.
Federico Arcangelo Marra (11 months ago)
despite an excellent restoration, the castle should offer more information and evidence of its history and the phases of restoration. The 360 degree view from the castle is remarkable spanning three regions.
Luc Ariano (14 months ago)
Not really a real Castle In my opinion but more of a small fortress! Definitely recently restored! Too bad you couldn't access it to visit it internally! But the road to reach it by motorbike is very suggestive and the panorama is also very beautiful! For those who decide to go by car, the road is very narrow, two cars do not cross each other!
Sara Donahue (16 months ago)
Mysterious castle on a windswept hill in the middle of nowhere. Interesting architecturally.
J Dunne (3 years ago)
Beautiful place, have a truck or all terrain vehicle as the road is very difficult. They were closed and I believe you need to make a reservation with the local municipality.
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