Santissima Trinità

Potenza, Italy

Santissima Trinità is a Romanesque-revival church in the city of Potenza. The church is now infamous as hiding for 17 years, the body of Elisa Claps, a young woman murdered by Danilo Restivo in 1993. The parish priest at the time had denied permission for the police to search the church despite it having been the last place the young woman was seen alive. The church was only searched after Restivo was arrested in England for the murder of Heather Barnett.

Documents point to a church at the site since the 1178. Further refurbishments followed over the centuries; however this romanesque-style church was razed by an earthquake in 1857. Few traces of the previous church remain; it appears the reconstruction, begun in 1872 diverged in layout and structure, changing the church from a structure with three naves to a single nave church. The interior decoration of the church was done mainly in the 1930s, with frescoes by Mario Prayer.



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Founded: 1872
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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Marco Argentati (5 months ago)
Direct message to His Holiness Pope Francis Your Holiness, you are aware of what happened in this church. I therefore ask you, given that it has even been reopened to the faithful, to consider whether to immediately demolish it with bulldozers or transform it into a socially useful deconsecrated place. This is in order to demonstrate that the Church that she represents is the House of God and not of Satan
ANDREA SEGHETTI (5 months ago)
This place has to be closed. They found a 16 y/o dead body girl inside.
Silvia C. (5 months ago)
Shame on you, you reopened the church where there was a terrible murder and where Elisa Claps was hidden for too long! After that murder, the church was as if it were deconsecrated. Make a commemorative plaque for Don Mimì who knew and kept it hidden, and do nothing for Elisa, not even a flower in her memory. You are Demons dressed as Angels. The church has always been corrupted since medieval times with the indulgences made to pay the poor dogs. The church is not God, it is the devil. The Claps family is close to you.
Alessia Sacco (5 months ago)
IN THIS CHURCH YOU WILL NOT FIND ANY GOD. Out of solidarity with the Claps family, to whom all my support and a warm embrace goes, this church must remain closed. The Church must assume its responsibilities for Elisa's murder and the hiding of her body. SHAME.
Linda Orsini (5 months ago)
In this place called church, Elisa Claps, a 16 year old girl, was killed and hidden for 20 years. How can such a place be reopened? Solidarity with the family of Elisa Claps.
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