Santa Lucía del Trampal

Alcuéscar, Spain

Santa Lucía del Trampal is a monastic church, one of the few surviving Visigothic buildings. Apparently, the basilica was built toward the end of the 7th century as part of a convent pertaining to the Templar monks, for which it served as a chapel, with a single nave and three chapels in the chancel. Along with the transept, the chancel is the truly Visigothic part, built upon perfectly-angled dressed stone. The main body of the church is believed to have been built around the 14th or 15th century.


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Alcuéscar, Spain
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Founded: 7th century AD
Category: Religious sites in Spain


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User Reviews

Antonio Rodriguez de Lara (10 months ago)
One of the few Visigothic churches (or Mozarabic, since the date of construction can change the name) remaining in Spain. Reconstructed (like others) but that preserves the essence of those constructions. Although it is true that its interior is quite soulless, lacking any type of ornamentation, with the passage of time it has disappeared, on the other hand, its interpretation center (one of the few of this type of construction in Spain) and the friendliness of the staff are noteworthy.
Javier Perez (10 months ago)
Pre-Romanesque temple located in the town of Alcuéscar that is part of the 7 wonders of the Montánchez-Tamuja region. The place has parking and an interpretation center where, in addition to welcoming you with a smile, you can watch a very educational video explaining the origins and history of the Church and its surroundings. There are those who date the building to the end of the 7th century, in the Visigothic period, and those who delay the dating until the beginning of the 8th century, incorporating the Mozarabic influence into the construction; What is undoubted is its beauty and the wonderful enclave where it is located. The visit is done on your own and is free of charge and is 100% recommended if you are in the area. The address that appears on Google Maps is wrong. The best way to get to the basilica is to put the address of the wake in the municipality of Alcuéscar in the GPS and from there continue along the forest track. There is no loss and with these instructions we will also avoid entering the narrow and labyrinthine streets of the town.
Meri MV (11 months ago)
The very kind gentleman explained the place to us and began the visit with an informative video. The place is very beautiful, it is worth coming to see it. Free entry
James Chris Hickey (6 years ago)
An amazing 7th century church on a remote hillside in Extramadura. It's 4k from Alcuescar and you can drive up to the car park. But it is a lovely walk of an hour or so through beautiful countryside with stunning views.
Susana Alvarez (8 years ago)
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