Wheal Coates tin mine opened in 1802 and operated until 1889. An iconic silhouette against the stunning Cornish coast, it harks back to a time when, from 1700 to 1914, the metal mining industry played a vital role in fuelling the Industrial Revolution. Life as a miner was tough; the work was physically gruelling, life expectancy low and hours long. By the mid-19th century, Cornwall’s mining industry had all but declined, leaving the mines falling into ruin.

In 2006, select mining landscapes across Cornwall were inscribed upon the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, marking them as international treasures. Wheal Coates, which is instantly recognisable for the Towanroath engine house, was one. Today, though the mine is closed, walks in the area from the Trust car park are scenic. Nearby is Chapel Poth, one of the most popular beaches in Cornwall.



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Founded: 1802
Category: Industrial sites in United Kingdom


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Malik SA (10 months ago)
Beautiful heritage site and an interesting place to visit. The beach view is also very nice.
Annette Castle (11 months ago)
Absolutely lovely coastal walks. We walked to Porthtowan. Walk past Chapel Porth but make sure you stop off at the lovely beach areas along the way. Check out the old ruins of the engine rooms from the tin mining days. We parked at National Trust Wheal Coates which is free for NT members. Think it's £8 all day for non members but it's cheaper for less time. There is a car park at Chapel Porth too which has a cafe, toilets and direct access to a lovely beach. Definitely worth a visit and a walk to see the stunning turquoise waters. ?
phillippa wilkinson (12 months ago)
Possibly one of the most beautiful enchanting ,inspiring places . Born of sheer will to survive ,these mine remnants are exceptional.
Marianna Zavedeeva (14 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful place for a walk, even when it’s rainy and foggy! This place is magic and there is beach access as well. Give yourself 3-4 hours to walk and explore this beautiful place. You will find caves as well.
Caïna Verrin (15 months ago)
People are complaining about no information, yet there are very obvious notice boards up in several places. That aside, the place is amazing and steeped in history, with a beautiful coastline right by it with sweeping views. A little car park nearby and cheap parking. This place is definitely worth visiting and exploring. Rip all the brave souls who worked here
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