Jaunpils Castle

Jaunpils, Latvia

Jaunpils Castle was erected in 1301 by the Master of the German branch of the Livonian Order, Gottfried von Roga. The tower was added in the 15th century. The castle was heavily damaged in war by Swedes in 1625. Later a third floor was added and the old fortress became a manor with all conveniences in the end of the 17th century. The building was partly reconstructed in 18th century. The castle was burned down during the Russian Revolution of 1905. A year later it was rebuilt by architect Wilhelm Bockslaff.

From the 16th century until 1920 the castle belonged to the family of the Baltic German baron von der Recke. One of the family members who lived there in the 18th century was the poet Elisa von der Recke. After the Latvian agrarian reforms of 1920s, the castle complex housed a cattle-breeding experimental station. During the Soviet occupation of Latvia, the interior of the castle was heavily reconstructed and today Jaunpils castle has typical Soviet interiors from the 1960s. More of a manor house than properly a fortified castle, it has now been converted into a hotel.



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P104, Jaunpils, Latvia
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Founded: 1301
Category: Castles and fortifications in Latvia
Historical period: State of the Teutonic Order (Latvia)


4.6/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Kristina Daukšienė (2 months ago)
You should visit and take excursion!! Very very rare time to get such a pleasure, so much laugh and feeling that you will remember a lot what was said..even the story mainly was not about dates and names! And for coordinators of this palace and tourism in Jaunpils, please put direction signs on the road for castle!! How it could be that any km before castle you will not find any sign about this beauty!
Māris Kalniņš (9 months ago)
It was definitely worth it. Me and my wife decided to stay in the baron's room, it was an amazing experience. The food in the tavern was very delicious, good looking and affordable. The only negative thing was the fire alarm that turned on for another room and then the whole castle/hotel, we had to wait for more than 30 minutes for someone to arrive to turn it off. Who knows, maybe it was the famous ghost who turned it on.
Kasper J (11 months ago)
The tavern used to have an authentic, medieval inspired menu, sadly it’s much more generic now. Still a nice place to stop by.
Anastasia Tokareva (15 months ago)
Jaunpils Castle was built in 1301 as a Livonian Order castle, surrounded by a moat on three sides, and initially inhabited by small groups of knights. The Knights ’Castle surprises visitors with its might and the Medieval aura still present there.
Madara Ceriņa (2 years ago)
Amazing castle, great guides who makes the excursion interesting and fun. There are huge variety of excursions available depending from your preferences, also dressovers available and romantic excursions for weddings or couples. In Medieval tavern located in the yard you can enjoy amazing medieval style meals fir reasonable prices, big portions. Stunning place!!! near by are craft workshops, Katvaru nature trails and also old mill.
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