Bory Castle

Öreghegy, Hungary

Bory Castle is a real curiosity. The special architectural feature of the castle is that it is made of concrete. The 20th century knights’ castle was constructed by architect and sculptor Jenő Bory over a period of 36 years as a symbol of his eternal love for his wife. In 1923, the architect and sculptor Jenő Bory started to build a castle on an artificial hill in the suburb of Öreghegy, still rural and covered with vineyards in the interwar period. He built the rambling castle in the historicist style for his wife, the painter Ilona Komocsin (1885-1974). A studio, an art gallery and a flat for the artist pair are also located in the castle buildings. Besides their own creations, works by other artists like János Fadrusz (1858–1903), Aladár Körösfői-Kriesch (1863–1920), István Csók (1865–1961) and Vilmos Aba-Novák (1894–1941) are also on permanent display in the castle.



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Beautiful. An amazing castle. Would love to see any artworks by the painter IIona Komocsin.


Founded: 1923-1959
Category: Castles and fortifications in Hungary


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User Reviews

Jozsef Nagy (8 months ago)
Beautiful castle free parking outside and nice cafe across the road
Weronika Orłowska (9 months ago)
Very interesting and entertaining place. Not only art lovers will have fun here :)
Ruby Rejoso (10 months ago)
It is one the most beautiful places I've ever visited here at Székesfehérvár. Although it has a 2500 entrance for those who haven't had a discount it was worth it by the way. The place has so many paintings that will bring you back to the wonderful decade before. The scenery above the castle ? was amazing and mesmerized me because the overlooking and houses, plantation and trees around there. I'm happy to be there and planning to come back soon?
Luqman Hasan (11 months ago)
A very nice attraction out of Budapest. The castle is worth to visit. A short train ride around 45-50 minutes from Budapest. The city itself is very nice. Once you reach the train station, buy the bus ticket from the machine for discounted price or you can also buy from the driver using cash for 400 forints per ticket. Take any bus that’s going to the castle such as bus number 32 and the bus stop is just outside the train station. The castle is pretty nice, beautifully designed and some interesting stuff to see inside the castle. Recommended if you want to see something outside of Budapest.
NYPTBLUE ONE (11 months ago)
Magical! The grounds and building are both interesting and beautiful. Great location for taking photos or a photo shoot. Hard to believe it’s only 100 years old since the experience transports you to much older times. Highly recommend visiting. You can easily meander about and lose track of time. The benches in the courtyard and throughout the grounds are a nice feature.
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