St. Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery

Kalabaka, Greece

St. Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery is one of six monasteries built on immense natural pillars and hill-like rounded boulders that dominate the local area of Meteora.

Hermits seem to have first occupied this rock in the early 14th century, as evidenced by remains of frescoes in the Chapel of St. Anthony. The present monastery was founded in 1510 by St. Dionysius, Metropolitan of Larisa, and Nikanoras, priest-monk and exarch of Stagoi. The name 'Anapafsas' is of unknown origin; it may be the surname of an early monk or founder.

The monastery was abandoned by 1900 and fell into disrepair until it was renovated in the 1960s by the archaeological service. It was then inhabited by Father Palamas until 1982, after which the monastery closed. In 1997, priests of Kalampaka began to open the monastery to tourists every summer. Today, one monk lives at Agios Nikolaos, the abbot archimandrite Polykarpos Venetis.

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Meteora, Kalabaka, Greece
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Founded: 1510
Category: Religious sites in Greece


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User Reviews

Eskil Nielsen (2 months ago)
Nice monestery - do not miss tje grotto on the way up.
Akis Tsolis (3 months ago)
Prepare yourself for some stairs but totally worth it. The view is different from the other monasteries. Few meters also up you from the entrance ( you can park from both sides) you will see a statue and a path starts there to Monastery Varlaam, totally worth walking .
A frei (6 months ago)
Small monastry with a kind child at the entrance who speaks English. As shown on the photos is a steep walk nor too difficult neither too exhausting. There are some benches to recover along the path. They lend me a skirt. I only paid €3 as an entrance fee. The church is tiny, only two rooms but beautifully painted. It is a quiet place with stunning views.
李依宸 (8 months ago)
Great view from the monastery, can see other two monasteries. Few tourists(late July). Great thanks to the boss’s son(? for guiding me to the toilet. Thank you again for saving my bladder.
Paige Vickers (12 months ago)
This monastery was one of the smaller ones we visited, but the top of the monastery has a great view with a bell tower that is perched higher on the clift. Great views from the top of the surrounding area and monasteries. Overall not too many steps but some of them are rather steep. Would recommend to stop by to make it to the top of the monastery.
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