Edinample Castle

Balquhidder, United Kingdom

Edinample Castle is a late 16th-century tower house on the southern shores of Loch Earn near Balquhidder. The estate was granted to Colin Campbell, 6th Laird of Glenorchy in 1547. His son, Sir Duncan Campbell probably built the castle in 1584.

The castle takes the form of a Z-plan tower house and most likely incorporates an earlier tower in its eastern side. The rectangular main block measures 13.1 by 8.2 m and is three storeys and an attic high. Circular bartizans are corbelled out at the north and south corners at the second-storey level. Four-storey round towers, roughly 7.0 m in diameter, are at the northwestern and southeastern corners. Circular stair towers are corbelled out at the first-storey level at the northern junctures with the main block.

The interior and the roofs were remodelled around 1790. Sometime during the 18th or 19th centuries a two-storey porch and stairway was built against the northern face of the castle. A single-storey U-plan corrugated-iron structure was erected in 1870 on the eastern side, probably as an office. In the early 20th century a five-storey addition was built, completely enclosing the southeastern tower. The castle fell into a state of dereliction by the 1960s, but it was renovated for use as a private family home from about 1968–1998 by a series of owners. As part of the remodelling, all of the external additions, except for the office, were demolished.



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Founded: 1584
Category: Castles and fortifications in United Kingdom

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N S (3 years ago)
Lovely place , very quiet . We had a very low key barbeque here and lit a really small bonfire. We were under the bridge and quietly enjoying our selves. I heard a faint voice and went off to see what was going on. Some nondescript chap informed me that we were on private ground. Fair enough. He then said that he had a hydro electrical scheme on the go. Again fair enough. He proceeded to tell me that if ash got into his hydro scheme it would stuff it up....Again fair enough but highly unlikely . What really puzzled me was the fact that he said we were on cctv....looked everywhere for cameras....Honestly no cameras at all so is this fabrication?
Jim (4 years ago)
Edinample Castle is a private family castle on private grounds but i managed to get a couple of pictures from the roadside overlooking the Castle and Loch / another castle now ticked of my list.
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