Tower of Varona

Valdegovía, Spain

The Tower of Varona (Torre de los Varona) is a tower located in Villanañe, Valdegovia. The origin of this tower dates back to the end of the 14th or start of the 15th century. The surname Varona dates back to the 7th century and came into being with Doña María Ruiz Pérez. From then until the present day, the tower has been inhabited by her direct descendants.

The whole building has been restored by the Provincial Council of Álava. Its interior has several areas that still retain their traditional character and it is possible to see good examples of furniture throughout the various living rooms, which belongs to the owners of the Tower-Mansion. The wallpapers and the collection of ceramics are also very interesting.

The tower stands out on one side of the complex. The whole building is defended by a crenellated barbican and walls with arrow slits, as well as a wide moat filled with water.



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Founded: c. 1400
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain

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Pedro José Blanco Andrés (10 months ago)
Highly recommended visit. And free!! We have paid to visit other historic buildings and places and we have not been offered a part of what we have seen today. Special mention to the guide for his knowledge, kindness and cordiality (we are sorry for not remembering the name). It's about 45 minutes and it felt short.
Jordi Maura (10 months ago)
We booked the visit to the Varona tower in advance. Spectacular. They do not allow photographs of the interior. It is a free visit thanks to the Araba Provincial Council. Carlota's explanations were very pleasant and entertaining. A historical luck that says this heritage is standing and its protection and dissemination is successful. Thank you!
susana de cos yañez (11 months ago)
I was surprised, the tower is in perfect condition, the surroundings are well cared for and of course special mention to the guide, a super nice guy who made the visit enjoyable, participatory and fun. Without forgetting that it is totally free!!!!! .
ofelia Adan (2 years ago)
most interesting castle in Spain because of the maria varona legend and it is also like a well cared museum
Borja Triviño (3 years ago)
Even without being able to visit its interior, its exterior visit is worth it for its location and its careful image. It is very well preserved and its size attracts attention from a distance.
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