Plaza Nueva

Bilbao, Spain

The Plaza Nueva of Bilbao is a monumental square of Neoclassical style built in 1821. The square is enclosed by arcaded buildings and accessed by arches known as cuevas (caves).

The main building was the site of the Biscay government, until a new palace was built in 1890. The place is now the site of Euskaltzaindia, the Basque language Royal Academy.

The arches host many traditional taverns and restaurants, some of the most ancient and typical of the city, and some gift and souvenir shops.

Each Sunday, the square provides space for a traditional flea market where ancient books, coins, stamps, birds and flowers are sold. The square is used often for folk demonstrations, festivals and concerts. 



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Plaza Nueva 11, Bilbao, Spain
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User Reviews

Naveed Riaz (5 months ago)
It was a small place, you can visit in an hour. There are a lot of bars, but this place is also really beautiful, its architecture is worth watching.
Antonis Kontidis (6 months ago)
I loved the fact that the whole plaza is a huge bench so you can rest and enjoy the view
Holland Friend (6 months ago)
Happy evening place, usually very busy. Large collection of cute bars. An attractive mix of predominantly locals and tourists. Very affordable. A wine or a beer is 2/3 euro. Pinxtos, the local snacks can be had for 1.5 or 2 euro. 20 euro gives you a table full of food and drinks. Do try the local Bask whitewine called Txakoli. Its a great drink. Have fun
William Frankson (8 months ago)
We sat in the square and had some food which was good. The square itself was interesting but a little untidy and unkempt in some areas. Some of the bars/restaurants felt a bit more touristy than authentic. Worth visiting in the area however. The old town that surrounds the area is better.
Sergey Kondratiev (2 years ago)
Very good ? place, so many coffee shops, taverns ? ? Very cosy, friendly atmosphere
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