Museum of the Republic of North Macedonia

Skopje, North Macedonia

Museum of the Republic of North Macedonia is a national institution and one of the oldest museums in the country. It was created by joining three museum in one. The three museum that were unified were the archaeological, historical and ethnological museum, of which the archaeological museum was the oldest one; it was opened in 1924 and that date is considered as an establishing date of the national museum.

The museum has got total area of 10.000 m², of which 6000 м² are meant for permanent or temporal exhibitions. The institution is of complex character, which means it gathers, keeps, conserves and presents the national Macedonian historical and cultural heritage. Within the museum is the Kuršumli An, a historical monument that was built in the 16th century.



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Founded: 1924
Category: Museums in North Macedonia

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K Vasickova (6 months ago)
A very nice museum and curator that will kindly explain anything regarding the expositions. The exterior may not look appealing but for 100 mkd, you can find a whole exposition on Macedonian history during the 20th century as well as see traditional clothing and architecture from various regions of today's North Macedonia. It's a very nice place that will give you an understanding of Macedonian culture and history as well as a crash course on why Macedonia has certain relationships with other Balkan countries.
Rolland Madaras (7 months ago)
Extremely neglected. It looks like as if it had been open since the 70s without any renovation and a cleaning would do some wonders here as well. Don't remember how much the ticket costs but this has been one of the worst museum experiences in my life.
Pawel Lipski (8 months ago)
Interesting museum with old dresses, some jewelry, pottery and most interesting for kids, small models of old houses and buildings. The museum is not as new as one in the center and there is no ac but it's worth visiting!
Victoria Fabris (9 months ago)
Great museum that it is slightly hidden near the Old Bazar. It talks about the military, ethnography, culture, agriculture and architecture of Macedonia. It is well worth the visit as you can easily spend over 1.5+ hours here. An adult ticket is only 100MKD.
Lynda Sermon (2 years ago)
Wonderful! The costume exhibit was phenomenal. Be sure not to miss this jewel of a museum.
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