Monasterace Castle

Monasterace, Italy

The historical centre of Monasterace is crowned at its highest points by the Norman-Byzantine castle dating from the 11th century. The current appearance dates mainly from the 15th-16th centuries.


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Founded: 11th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy


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User Reviews

Anthony Lazzaro (13 months ago)
The castle has been restored for its three quarters. We have been told that the completion work will resume shortly. As usual, a lot of money has been spent, we are told about 12 million euros and for the completion it seems that two more will be needed. If so, there are probably too many. Public money? Well, we know how they are managed in Italy ..... casually. To visit the interior you must notify. Our visit was limited to the internal courtyard only.
Chiara Catena (13 months ago)
It looks like an abandoned city, but it isn't. The castle has its own history but no one knows anything there, so take a quick tour and leave. Still interesting
Fabrizio Pivari (14 months ago)
Although ancient and despite the earthquakes still "complete". Not well maintained and "suffocated" by the surrounding houses
Physio Clinic Therapy (14 months ago)
Visit to the historic center of this small village ... Castle not visible inside ... poorly maintained external courtyard .... Too bad for the lack of care ... With more attention it would be spectacular.
Nelson Perez (15 months ago)
Summer 2022, it has potential but for now it’s closed or at work.
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