Temple of Aphrodite

Rhodes, Greece

Temple of Aphrodite dates back to the 3rd century BCE, and was built to honor Aphrodite, the mythological Greek goddess of love and beauty. The temple is located in Symi Square, close to the Eleftheria Gate.

The once majestic structure is now a pile of ruins surrounded by a small fence. Although you cannot walk through the temple grounds, you can get close enough to study some of the old building blocks and fallen columns. Look closely and you may be able to make out some inscriptions on a couple of the stone slabs.

Read the information panel and study the site plan to get a feel for the temple’s layout. Descriptions are written in Greek and English. The statue of Aphrodite Pudica in the Archeological Museum of Rhodes is believed to have been the temple statue that would have been venerated here by the ancient Greeks.

The Temple of Aphrodite is a 10-minute walk from the island’s Tourist Harbour. If you are arriving by car or scooter, you will find limited free parking at Symi Square. Additional parking is available on the road that leads to the harbor.



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Apellou, Rhodes, Greece
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Founded: 3rd century BCE
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Greece


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User Reviews

Gary Mchugh (Gam) (10 months ago)
Just to know the history of Aphrodite and all that was written about her life and goings on, it seemed amazing to actually be there, see the ruins. Also to be able to of walked close to it, where others in history have once been?? It's only a viewing point, no access onto the ruins. Only to let your imagination run wild?? There are so many ruins within the old town area to view and so close together. I found Rhodes an amazing place to visit due to its historical past! And, many of its old buildings still standing and your able to wander through most of them??
Krzysiek Olecha (11 months ago)
Remains of the ancient Temple of Aphrodite, but still worth seeing while visiting the old town of Rhodes.
Joe Carr (11 months ago)
if you are a history buff the ruins of Aphrodites temple are a must see there is a museum close to it that is worth a visit, well lit at night as i went early evening.
Antonia Hajto-Kuntner (12 months ago)
Only ruins but it is still such a lovely place to visit
Coquí Mapping (2 years ago)
Left an offering, but nothing happened. Beautiful though.
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