Attavyros Zeus Temple

Embonas, Greece

Attavyros is the highest mountain on the island of Rhodes. It rises to a height of 1,215 m. In Greek mythology Althaemenes founded an altar to Zeus Atabyrios on the mountain. He was said to have chosen the site as the only point on Rhodes from which his homeland of Crete could be seen. The remains of the sanctuary can be seen near the summit.


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Embonas, Greece
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Founded: 3000-1000 BCE
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Greece


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User Reviews

Daiana D (7 months ago)
It is a great adventure to get up there. At least for the moment. The views are lovely and you can see Zeus’s Temple( whats left of it). Really worth it, but make sure you have a SUV… the road is horrendous. At least a part of it. First portion of the road is paved then you get into a fantastic forest then it comes the bad road.. bad bad road, expecially at the top, befor the last bit of paved road. It does worth it, if you have the right car? you can she the whole island.
Sami Kettunen (9 months ago)
At the end of a really long and rocky road, you must have an off-road vehicle or an enduro bike. But the place is great and the scenery is amazing ?
Roman (9 months ago)
PLEASE!!!! Leave your car where asphalt ends, before dry dirt road. Going further by car is VERY SCARY AND UNCOMFY, i absolutely regret my decision to go by car. Apart from that, on top there is very silent and beautiful, very quiet and calm, amazing views and spiritual connection. However...hard road took all positives emotions away. Still put 5 stars, dont expect anything but panoramic views from this place
david francis (11 months ago)
It's a tough hike to this place, and a very tough drive, the views are 360° fantastic at the summit, and worth the effort just for them alone. The temple itself is barely more than foundations, but atmospheric none the less
Christian Lochner (2 years ago)
This has been a really challenging, extremely steep 2.5 hour climb to the peak and temple. You can park your car in the parking bay just outside Embonas (south) and climb from there via the rock fields all the way up. there are red dots marking the way but they are not always easy to find so orientation and good sense for navigation is essential. This does require stamina hiking boots and you shouldn’t be afraid of hight. The way down is via the dirt road that leads up to the radar station and if you time it right you’ll enjoy amazing sunset views in direction turkey on your way back to Embonas. Do start early it took me about 6 hours. The hike down alone is about 15km.
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