Attavyros Zeus Temple

Embonas, Greece

Attavyros is the highest mountain on the island of Rhodes. It rises to a height of 1,215 m. In Greek mythology Althaemenes founded an altar to Zeus Atabyrios on the mountain. He was said to have chosen the site as the only point on Rhodes from which his homeland of Crete could be seen. The remains of the sanctuary can be seen near the summit.


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Embonas, Greece
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Founded: 3000-1000 BCE
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Greece


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User Reviews

Vadym Romanyuk (7 months ago)
We were going there by vehicle. There is a big chunk of rather challenging areas of the road (no asphalt, a lot of stones). First it starts with asphalt, then it switches to the acceptable ground for the brief period, then for around 3-4km there is an extremely hard area with stones (not for the low seated cars), finally it turns to the asphalt again. The temple itself is just a ruin. It's very windy at the top (which is usual for the highest point of the area).
Jerome Zgraggen (9 months ago)
Great place to visit for some quiet time. The drive up there is very tricky. We did it by Quad and it was very fun. But be careful by car. The view fron the top of Rhides is stunning if you don't run into fog. There was no one else but us. I would recommend.
john a (9 months ago)
very rough going in a car even with plenty of years off road driving experience, this was just to much for the hire car . if you intend to drive this hire a 4x4 for the day it's not worth the risk to you or the car
Marie Zezulová (10 months ago)
Nice view, but the road is quite a bumpy ride. It was a challenge to climb at one part for our Suzuki Celeiro. I guess the quality of the road is getting worse.
Paolo (10 months ago)
Unfortunately a bit meh, especially given the drive up. Mostly dirt track, very slippery and steep with no maintenance. Wouldn't recommend for someone new or uncomfortable with off road driving. The ruins themselves look like they were being restored but then left, some very interesting bits that look like a shower basin and a sink or wash bowl. Extremely exposed, bring shade.
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