Château de Pitray

Saint-Seurin-de-Prats, France

The Château de Pitray (built in the 17th century) is in the village of Saint-Seurin-de-Prats. The name comes from Pic du Roy, or king’s peak, since the house was built on an ancient tumulus also known as Mothe de Prats, signifying that it was on land a little higher than the plain.

It belonged to the Puch family before being acquired by Gabriel de Ségur, seigneur of Pitray. From there it passed on to Pierre de Ségur, son of Thomas, co-seigneur of Pitray, and to his daughter Henriette, married to Alexandre de Puch in 1715, whose descendants remained in possession of the property until 1900. Pierre de Ségur, chevalier of Pitray and a lieutenant in the Koenigsmark Cavalry Regiment, distinguished himself during the dragonnades, or persecutions directed against Protestants during the reign of Louis XIV.

Originally the main part of the house consisted of two wings of equal size in the shape of perpendicular rectangles, delimiting the courtyard opening out onto the Dordogne River. Pitray became the property of Doctor Samuel Amanieux at the end of the 19th century and in 1905, a Bordeaux architect joined the two wings by a massive flat-roofed building and an Italianate terrace lined with pilasters.

Over the last 25 years, the Château de Pitray has become a venue appreciated for organizing business meetings and all types of seminars, conferences, and especially concerts.



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Founded: 1626
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in France

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Mac C (2 years ago)
Great rooms, great hosts, and very good location for jumping around to the different vineyards. Stayed July 2020.
Charles-Henri de Boissieu (3 years ago)
Un cadre magnifique, un accueil unique !
Claudine ORILLARD (4 years ago)
Magnificent sites the abîmos are delighted to have seen and the honor of visiting the castle, thank you very much for your welcome ??????????✌✌✌✌
Leo Bil (5 years ago)
What a nice experience in such a lovely place!
Guillaume Buil (6 years ago)
Really a beautiful place where you can contemplate this beautiful castle ? but know that out of respect for the inhabitants and their tranquility, that he does not visit. You can eventually buy bottles of the castle whose estate covers 35 hectares. Beautiful.
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